The Brain Clinic's
Learning Profile

To understand how you should study, you must first know
why you have a unique learning profile. Here is an example:

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How is it possible that 2 children from the same family can be so different??

What is this Unique Learning Profile?

The twins are two very unique and different human beings. It is crucial to determine their UNIQUE LEARNING PROFILES.
Only then will they know which Scientific Learning Systems to use and which to avoid in order for both to reach their own optimum potential.

We evaluate more than 30 different aspects when determining the Unique Learning Profile.

Most importantly:

1. Brain dominance: Left versus right, front versus back, top versus bottom
2. Learning style preferences
3. Sensory dominance and how it relates to the brain dominance
4. I.Q. preferences
5. Concentration
6. Stress
7. Mathematics
8. Spelling
9. Reading; Reading speed; Reading comprehension; Reading accuracy
10.Memory; Visual or auditory